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Traditional Bilona Method

The Traditional Bilona Method: How Ritual Roots Makes Pure A2 Ghee

Sep 04, 2023

In Indian culture and tradition, the bilona method has always been the way to churn out ghee from curd. We have seen our grandmothers and older generations make ghee at home. But since our lifestyle is constantly evolving and we are not getting the purest form of food, we should. Getting the best and pure ghee to get all the health benefits attached to it becomes extremely important. This blog will help you understand how Ritual Roots make their pure A2 ghee in a better way. We will let you know our whole process to ensure you know how we claim our purity level in ghee.

The Essence of the Bilona Method

The Bilona method embodies simplicity and purity. It commences with the finest A2 cow milk sourced from contented cows. The milk undergoes gentle churning to create butter, distinguishing it from modern methods. Hand-churning links this process to tradition, reflecting respect for nature and patience. The final step involves a meticulous heating process to extract pure golden ghee. This entire journey celebrates simplicity, tradition, and reverence for the source – the cows.

Unveiling Ritual Roots' Process

Ritual Roots' commitment begins with sourcing milk from healthy, happy cows, ensuring high-quality A2 cow ghee. We source our ghee from organic farms that provide the best quality milk with no cruelty to cows. These certified organic farms do not add any chemicals or preservatives to ensure high-quality milk, and we get the milk to ensure the high quality of our ghee. 

After that, hand-churning the butter is vital, showcasing dedication to traditional craftsmanship. We churn out ghee by moving the wooden handle in a clock and anti-clockwise. Next, we collect the churned-out butter and heat it on wood to produce pure A2 ghee. Ritual Roots don't just produce ghee; they preserve tradition, simplicity, and purity, offering a tangible connection to our heritage.

Advantages of the Bilona Method

You might be wondering why bilona method is better than any other method and what it adds to the ghee. So, answering your questions, here are the key advantages of bilona method:

Nutrient Preservation

One of the big plus points of the Bilona method is how it safeguards the essential nutrients naturally present in A2 cow milk. Unlike some modern techniques that expose milk to high temperatures and mechanical processes, the Bilona method relies on gentle churning and heating. This ensures that the final product's vital vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats remain intact. So, Bilona ghee isn't just a source of healthy fats; it's a treasure trove of nourishing elements that can do wonders for your overall health.


Now, here's a standout feature – Bilona ghee is often hailed for its digestibility. Why? Because the Bilona method reduces lactose content significantly during the ghee-making process. Plus, it contains butyric acid, a friendly little fatty acid that can help your gut stay happy and aid in digestion. So, if you've got lactose sensitivities or digestive concerns, Bilona ghee could be your go-to option.

Flavor and Aroma

Beyond all the health benefits, Bilona ghee offers an amazing culinary experience. The traditional, slow process infuses it with a rich, nutty flavor and a unique aroma. This is why it's a top choice for traditional Indian recipes – it doesn't just enhance the taste of dishes; it elevates them to a whole new level.

Integrating Bilona Ghee into Modern Lifestyles

It is highly recommended to include bilona ghee in your everyday meal to improve your health and live better. Below are some ways you can do that!

  • Cooking: Bilona ghee can handle the heat – perfect for frying, sautéing, and baking. It doesn't break down or get weird at high temps, making it a kitchen MVP.
  • Diets: Keto or paleo? Bilona ghee is your sidekick. It's packed with top-notch fats and hardly any lactose. So, if you're all about clean, nutrient-packed eating, this is your jam.
  • Nutritional Boost: But it's not just for cooking. Throw a spoonful in your coffee or tea for a natural nutritional boost. Healthy fats and vitamins make it a convenient choice for the modern health-conscious crowd.

Ritual Roots' Commitment to Tradition

Ritual Roots is committed to providing the best of nature to all its customers. We are here to help you improve your health and lifestyle. With a higher level of purity and tradition at its core, we deliver our best-quality pure A2 cow ghee. Our assurance is what our customers like about us, and of course, they love our ghee. So, click here to buy now!



1. Can I cook pasta using Ritual Roots pure A2 ghee?

Yes, you can cook pasta using Ritual Roots pure A2 ghee. Its high smoke point makes it ideal for a variety of cooking methods.

2. Is it good to give A2 ghee to older people?

Yes, A2 ghee can benefit older people due to its potential digestibility and nutrient-rich profile. However, dietary choices should align with individual health needs.

3. Why bilona method is better?

The Bilona method is better because it preserves essential nutrients, aids digestibility, and imparts a rich flavor, making A2 ghee a healthier and tastier choice.

4. Is there any other method through which pure A2 ghee is made?

There are other methods for making pure A2 ghee, but the Bilona method is celebrated for its ability to maintain the ghee's purity and nutritional qualities.

5. Which cow milk is used in making pure A2 ghee?

Pure A2 ghee is typically made from the milk of indigenous A2 cow breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, or Red Sindhi, known for their A2 protein-rich milk.