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A2 Ghee Over A1 Ghee

Healthy Choice: Reasons to Choose A2 Ghee Over A1 Ghee

Mar 19, 2024

Long cherished for its rich flavor and many health advantages, ghee has been a mainstay in Indian homes for generations. With so many different types of ghee on the market, finding the ideal one for one's health and well-being among the top 10 ghee brands in India can be difficult for customers. Recently, A2 ghee has gained popularity for its perceived health benefits over regular A1 ghee. In this article, we will delve into the process of making Desi A2 cow ghee, its differences from regular ghee, and the compelling reasons why opting for A2 ghee may be the healthier choice.

Table of Contents

  • How Desi A2 Cow Ghee Is Made? 
  • Difference Between A2 Ghee and Regular Ghee
  • Benefits of Choosing A2 Ghee Over Regular Ghee
    • Easier Digestion 
    • Sustainable Choice
    • Lactose-Free
    • Increased Satiety
    • Weight Management
    • Rich Flavour
    • Anti-Inflammatory
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  • FAQ’s

How Desi A2 Cow Ghee Is Made?

Desi A2 cow ghee, also referred to as traditional ghee, is generated from the milk of native Indian cow breeds, such as Red Sindhi, Gir, and Sahiwal, primarily producers of A2 beta-casein milk. The milk is first curdled to separate the cream churned to produce butter. After simmering this butter over low heat, pure golden ghee is left behind until the milk solids separate. In addition to preserving nutrients, the traditional technique gives the ghee a unique flavor and aroma.

The traditional process of producing A2 ghee requires talent and patience, with each stage being meticulously carried out to maintain the integrity of the finished product. Desi A2 cow ghee keeps its natural goodness and nutritional value better than commercially manufactured ghee, which may experience extensive processing and adulteration.

Difference Between A2 Ghee and Regular Ghee

The main difference between conventional and A2 ghee is the kind of milk utilized. Regular ghee can come from cows that generate A1 beta-casein protein, whereas A2 ghee is made from cows' milk that naturally produces A2 beta-casein protein. Furthermore, A2 ghee prepared using the traditional method guarantees less processing, which preserves a higher vitamin content than ghee made commercially.

A2 ghee's molecular makeup differs from that of ordinary ghee, which may help explain its simpler digestion and possible health advantages. Because of this, people with sensitive digestive systems or those who are lactose intolerant should choose A2 ghee.

Benefits of Choosing A2 Ghee Over Regular Ghee

Easier Digestion

A2 ghee is believed to be easier to digest than A1 ghee due to its molecular structure. It has a higher concentration of short-chain fatty acids, which the body can absorb more efficiently and which can help with digestive health.

Sustainable Choice

Promoting the production of A2 ghee can support biodiversity and sustainable agricultural practices by encouraging the preservation of native cow breeds. Customers may support environmental sustainability and animal welfare by selecting A2 ghee.


A2 ghee of the top 10 cow ghee brands in India is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant since it goes through a clarifying process that eliminates lactose and casein. It is, therefore, a flexible choice for anyone with dietary limitations or sensitivities.

Increased Satiety

The presence of healthy fats in A2 ghee promotes satiety, helping to curb hunger cravings and maintain energy levels throughout the day. A2 ghee can help with portion management and stop overindulging in food.

Weight Management

A2 ghee can help you maintain weight, despite what the general public believes. Just add modest amounts of it to your diet. In addition to enhancing metabolic function and decreasing the chance of between-meal snacking, the healthy fats in A2 ghee offer a source of sustained energy.

Rich Flavor

A2 ghee is a favorite among foodies because of its rich flavor and distinctive nutty aroma, which improve food flavor. A2 ghee imparts richness and nuance to various dishes when used as a spread, in baking, or in cooking.


Butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid with anti-inflammatory qualities, is present in A2 ghee. Consuming A2 ghee can promote general health and well-being by lowering inflammation in the body.

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Does A2 ghee taste different?

Yes, A2 ghee has a distinct nutty aroma and rich flavor compared to regular ghee, making it a preferred choice for discerning palates.

Where can I buy A2 ghee?

You can purchase premium quality A2 ghee from reputable retailers like Ritual Roots, known for its commitment to sourcing ethically produced ghee.

Is A2 ghee organic?

While A2 ghee may not always be certified organic, opting for ghee sourced from grass-fed Desi cows ensures a higher likelihood of following organic practices.

Does A2 ghee promote healthy skin?

Yes, essential fatty acids and antioxidants in A2 ghee can help nourish and moisturize the skin, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.

Is A2 ghee a good source of vitamins?

A2 ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, which are crucial in maintaining overall health and well-being.